How Construction Management Has Changed Over the Years

Construction management has undergone numerous changes over the years. It’s apparent that construction management is not the way it was several decades ago. These changes can be seen in different ways including the following.

Women in Construction Management

This is one of the major changes in construction management. Unlike in the past, women are part of the modern construction workforce. In fact, almost 10% of the construction industry workforce comprises of women. Although this may seem like a small percentage, it decreases stigma against the women that may want to join the workforce that was previously male-dominated.

Smartphones in Construction Management

Almost everybody in the construction industry has a smartphone. Contractors and managers are using smartphones to handle different aspects of construction management. In the past, construction managers had to move all over the construction sites and shout to be heard by workers over loud noises at construction sites. However, modern construction managers use apps to send alerts and text messages to their teams. Smartphones keep construction teams updated on schedules and tasks.

Simplified Estimating

In the past, contractors had to whip out slide rules and desk calculators to provide accurate estimates to clients. However, modern contractors need simple apps for the same tasks. Construction estimating software enables contractors to estimate the cost of construction projects with ease. Using the software, contractors can easily complete projects without cost overruns. What’s more, a contractor can give a client an accurate estimate regardless of their location.

Intelligent Building

Using modern technologies, contractors are monitoring buildings. This is achieved by having sensors located strategically on buildings to communicate with data collection centers. These provide updates on structure’s usage and integrity. This date can in turn be used to compose reports and conveyed to managers.

Basically, how contractors manage their project today is different from the way they did in the 1980s. Advanced technology is responsible for the changes being enjoyed today.